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Nowadays, some might claim that simply because your BMW M3 is wearing a flashy Speed Yellow paint, doesn't mean it stands out as much as you'd think.

If you believe that, then you're definitely thinking exactly what the owner of this particular model thought when he decided to go for the M4 GTS bonnet and front spoiler, as well as the M Performance exhaust system with titanium tips, carbon fiber wing and diffuser.

To put it into perspective, here's a regular BMW M3 with a Speed Yellow exterior. Kind of a big difference between the two, wouldn't you say?

This particular car, recently on display at BMW Abu Dhabi, also has plenty of Speed Yellow inside the cabin, specifically along the dashboard and door panels. There's also some yellow contrast stitching (seats, armrest, dash, door panels), an Alcantara steering wheel and some carbon fiber on the center console.

As for what it can do on the road, since there's no mention of any other engine mods, we'll assume this M3 remains capable of hitting 100 km/h (62 mph) in just over 4 seconds.


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