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Halved FSO Polonez Is Another Internet Oddity

Remember that widened classic Austin Mini with seating for six? Well, this FSO Polonez has went through some chopping of its own.

Instead of adding more metal, though, its owner ended up removing about half of it, and then joining the remaining bits together, which resulted in a narrowed cross-eyed old sedan that can sit two people in tandem.

Now, this is where normally we would tell you about the modified axles, and how the owner managed to add an engine into that cramped space under the bonnet. However, the truth is that we're left scratching our heads, as the images posted by HowNotToDesignACar provide no background info on this weird project.

Still, if this old Polonez has opened your appetite for a modern car with tandem seating, then you should check out the Renault Twizy, and while you do so, don't forget to select additional door panels and side windows from the options list.




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