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Mercedes Is Closing The Order Books On The G500 4x4²

Customers who've been thinking of pulling the trigger on a new Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4² had better quit procrastinating, because soon the order books will be closed and production will come to an end.

The latest in a string of special-edition G-Wagens, the G500 4x4² features the same kind of portal axles as the AMG G63 6x6 and the Maybach G650 Landaulet, meaning that the wheel hubs are actually lower than the axles. That gives it nearly a foot and a half of ground clearance and a fording depth of three and a quarter feet.

Instead of the AMG-built V8 or V12 engine, though, the G500 version packs a “standard” 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, sending 422 horsepower to all four of the 22-inch wheels. It also does away with the other added features of the AMG and Maybach versions to deliver the high-driving experience without the added fanfare.

Price, as a result, is lower, but only in relative terms. The G500 4x4² retails for €231,693 euros (including 19% tax) in Germany, which puts it far out of reach for most of us. Not to worry, though, because from the end of this month, it won't be available anymore, anyway.

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