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Only a few days have passed since Aston Martin unveiled the all-new Vantage, but some are already dreaming about possible additions to the family.

One of them is Aksyonov Nikita, who believes that the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage would make for a sweet and practical Shooting Brake, and we cannot really argue with that logic, because, well, just look at it!

Of course, such a version of the baby Aston would become a more affordable alternative to the larger Ferrari GTC4Lusso, which has approximately 100hp more at its disposal in 'T' flavor, and 680hp in total in the range-topping form that uses a V12 engine.

This isn�t the first time that the new Aston Martin Vantage has been taken into the digital realm, because it has been already imagined as a Volante, which is the brand's slang for convertible. And while a Shooting Brake is too much to ask for, a Vantage Volante is likely just around the corner.

We contacted the British car marque and asked them a few questions about the Vantage Volante, but we hit a wall, as they refused to "comment on future product". Still, we know that a convertible is indeed coming, we just don�t know when.


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