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Watch In Dismay As A Ford Focus RS Gets Crushed At A Junk Yard

Ever since it broke cover almost 3 years ago (time flies, doesn’t it?), the Ford Focus RS Mk3 has been punished in more ways than anyone can count.

However, what happens to this Ford Focus RS in the video posted by HartvoorAutos on Facebook is hard to imagine, so if you're a declared fan of the of the performance model, you may want to look away.

Now, to those of you who are still with us, we'll tell you that this example was put to sleep in one of the hardest ways possible, by getting crushed at a junk yard. The exact reason as to why anyone would want to torture it is unknown, as the short video doesn’t give anything away, but we could be looking at a prototype or test car probably needed to be destroyed.

Towards the end of the 'gory' film, a Ford Focus ST Estate makes a dramatic entrance, by being taken to the murder scene using a forklift and lots of brutality, so it may have suffered the exact same drama as its more powerful sibling, so RIP to both cars.





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