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Harman And Samsung Prepare For The Future At CES

Harman, and its parent company Samsung, have just unveiled a cutting-edge digital cockpit at CES which will incorporate 5G connectivity.

Dubbed the Digital Cockpit platform, Harman’s creation consists of a huge panel stretching the width of the dashboard that incorporates haptic feedback, physical knobs, and steering wheel controls. Additionally, the platform incorporates Harman’s Bixby personal assistant that will enable users to interact with the system through voice, touch, gestures, and context-based triggers.

Harman also says that the Digital Cockpit platform includes an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with cloud technology that reportedly improves connectivity while also lowering costs and reducing overall vehicle weight.

At the event in Las Vegas, both Harman and Samsung also revealed that their jointly developing a modular approach to create a multi-band 5G-capable conformal antenna. The companies assert the system could provide speeds up to 1 Gb/second of bandwidth, roughly 100 times quicker than 4G LTE networks. These additional speeds will allow for fast high-resolution streaming, immersive virtual and augmented reality features and seamless cloud-based applications, the technology companies say.

Also at CES, Harman and Samsung have announced an open-source and modular platform for Level 3, 4, and 5 self-driving cars dubbed DRVLINE.




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