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It Doesn't Take Much To Turn Mercedes' All-New G-Class Into A 6x6

Now that there’s a new generation G-Wagen heading our way, we can also begin looking forward to all the versions it will eventually spawn.

If the 6×6 lineage is to be continued, then this hypothetical G53 AMG six-wheeler drawn up by Aksyonov Nikita should paint a good picture, so to speak.

Since the new G-Class is lighter than its predecessor by 374 lbs (170 kg), the 6×6 would undoubtedly benefit from a weight reduction as well, especially when you consider the fact that it weighs roughly 4 tons (8,000+ lbs) in its past form.

What makes the current 6×6 special, at least visually, is its footprint. It measures 5.87 meters (231 in) long, 2.1 meters (82.7 in) wide and 2.3 meters (90.6 in) tall. Its ground clearance is 460 mm (18.1 in), which is more than double what you get in the regular G63 AMG.

Since the new G-Wagen is 53 mm (2 in) longer and 121 mm (4.7 in) wider than the old one, a future 6×6 model would undoubtedly grow in size, while presumably losing a bit of weight, as previously stated. All in all, a great recipe for success in this industry.

The designer responsible for this 2018 G-Wagen 6×6 dubbed it the ‘G53’, which would liken its specs to those of the recently-introduced CLS 53 4MATIC+, boasting a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine, paired to an EQ Boost starter-alternator and a 48-volt electrical system. Altogether, that’s 456 HP – less than the 544 horses the current 6×6 has.

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