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Is A £90k Mercedes-AMG E63 S Really 10 Times Better Than A £9k Dacia?

It's David versus Goliath in CarWow's latest video, which puts together two very different cars against each other: the estate versions of the Mercedes-AMG E63 S and Dacia Logan.

In Britain, the former can be had from around  £90,000 and the latter in MCV (wagon) from close to  £9,000, while the tested cars here are priced at about  £110,000 or the equivalent of $148,000 for the Mercedes and  £11,000 or $14,800 for the Dacia.

You might say that the two estates have absolutely nothing in common, apart from their five-door body styles and the same number of wheels, as the differences can be overwhelming, which should put this review in our 'Science Fiction' category, if only we had one.

Still, for the sake of the very unusual video, which won't surprise anyone, let's see what Mat Watson tried to do. First, the  Dacia Logan and  Mercedes-AMG E63 S were unleashed on the drag strip a few times, although that's a very enthusiastic word to use for the Romanian budget car, which has only 90PS (89hp) from a 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine, whereas its German counterpart makes do with 612PS (604hp).

Next came a brake test, from 70mph (113km/h), which was won, again, by the super estate, and finally, the latter proved to be more comfortable as well, thanks to its air suspension.

So, what's the purpose of this video? Well, apparently, trying to find out whether the 10x price difference between the two is that obvious, and we'll only tell you this: the Merc' is at least 10x better, if you ever had your doubts.




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