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With over 2,400 HP between them, these two supercars went at each other during a recent drag race at the 2017 Unlim 500+ event in Russia.

According to the description, what used to be a regular Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has been transformed into a considerably faster beast thanks to a twin turbo conversion by GAD Motors and now puts out more than 1,200 HP. In the other corner is a Nissan GT-R with a GoshaTurboTech GTT1000 tune, itself putting down around 1,200 HP. On paper, it sounds like a pretty balanced fight.

Before the Aventador could have a go at the GT-R, it took on a BMW M6 with an Evotech Stage 2 tune, good for 750 HP. While that's by no means a slow car, you can pretty much imagine the outcome of that fight.

Against the GT-R, on the other hand, the Lambo met its match. We obviously won't spoil the end result for you; what we will say is that the winner crossed the 1/4 mile mark in 9.7 seconds, but by the time they both went past the finish line, the loser was actually moving at a faster pace, doing 310 km/h (192 mph).


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