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Lucky Guy Narrowly Avoids Getting Hit During Highway Collision

Whenever you see a car speeding past you on the highway and they're not even using the fast lane, feel free to jump to conclusions about the person behind the wheel.

You don't need to be "mister careful" in order to drive in a non-reckless manner on public roads. Just be responsible, for both your sake and the sake of others.

Otherwise, you'll find yourself in a situation where you could suddenly plow into another car, with a side dish of almost hitting somebody sitting next to that vehicle. And yes, that was really, really close.

We'll admit, this is a pretty strange scenario with one car being stationary on the exit lane heading into a gas station, and somebody actually stepping outside in what are definitely unsafe conditions.

Still, circumstances don't take away from accountability, and whoever was driving that speeding black car definitely deserves a "timeout" from operating heavy equipment. And to think people are nervous about sharing the road with autonomous cars.

H/T to Ray!




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