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To order a McLaren P1 GTR from the factory, you needed to also own a ‘regular’ P1 but to buy a P1 GTR on the used car market, all you need is a few million in your bank account and the time to find the perfect example.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the easy job and stumbled upon a pristine yellow and black example for sale in Elsloo, Netherlands. All you need to do is save up $3.3 million. Easy. For Bill Gates, maybe.

Despite being out of reach for most, this P1 GTR is a real eye-catcher and actually the second we’ve seen listed by Carlink International. Unlike the first, this P1 GTR hasn’t undergone Lanzante Motorsport’s road-legal conversion but has barely been driven. In fact, it has just 126 miles (203 km) on the odometer, making it the perfect candidate for the conversion.

The seller says that it is number 34 of just 58 units produced and beyond the yellow and black paint, it has an interior dominated by exposed carbon fiber and all the equipment you could ever need for a track day outing.


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