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A Bentley Continental GT converted to off-road use has been sold for a touch under $54,000 during an eBay auction.

The wild Bentley that looks like it could survive an apocalypse was created for National Geographic’s Supercar Megabuild series and attracted no less than 101 bids after it was listed on August 30 at a starting price of just 1 pound ($1.32).

Despite being a luxurious and desirable Bentley Continental GT under the extreme bodywork, the car sold for far less than it would of it was never modified. Nevertheless, the buyer is now the owner of a true one-of-a-kind Bentley that will probably never be replicated.

Approximately $32,300 was spent to turn the Bentley into an off-road monster. The most significant modifications include a new suspension system, 17-inch steel wheels with huge tires, skid plates, flared wheel arches, a bull bar up front, roof-mounted LED light bar and a steel cage on the rear that can carry two jerry cans and a spare wheel.


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