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Another electric vehicle start-up is getting ready to challenge the likes of Tesla Motors with an entirely new product, called Alcraft GT.

Built by Alcraft Motor Company, founded by businessman David Alcraft, this car has had some former Morgan, Toyota, Daewoo and Michelin executives working on it, along with Delta Motorsport, who brought their expertise in electric drivetrains and battery systems.

Alcraft is a British company that wants to put the GT on the road starting with 2019, and to do so, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign, offering those interested "the chance to play a part in the development of the car, and a new British brand".

They can give between £10 ($13) and £25,000 ($32,259), and in exchange, they will be rewarded with VIP days at Silverstone, plus rides in a development mule for the GT. Depending on the sum, supporters could also receive exclusive electric bikes, by Cyclotricity, and wristwatches by Matthew Humphries Design.

“We want to build a British car company which brings together traditional skills and high technology for the emerging low carbon car market”, says David Alcraft. “We’re about combining great design, outstanding dynamics, and the visceral thrill of electric powertrains to create products that are high in performance and desirability but very usable. We hope this will establish a niche for Alcraft Motor in Britain’s renowned specialist low-volume car industry.”

As far as the Alcraft GT's design and specs go, it comes in the form of a shooting brake, with a 2+2 seating layout, and a 500-liter boot space. The numbers associated with the three-motor, four-wheel drive powertrain are 600hp and 840lb-ft (1,139Nm) of torque, which result in a 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint of just 3.5sec.

The Alcraft GT has an alleged 300-mile (483km) range, with juice coming from the T-shaped batteries that have been fitted between and behind the front and rear seats.

Alcraft has readied a 33% foam model for design verification purposes, which is on display at the brand's booth at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event at the Millbrook proving ground, in Bedfordshire, on September 6 and 7.


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