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New Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept Is The EVO Of Crossovers

These are the first photos of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept which is set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The iconic Evolution returns in the form of an all-electric SUV concept, previewing a “high-performance all-electric crossover” from Mitsubishi.

As we’ve reported before, the concept is powered by three electric motors, one at the front and the remaining two at the back. The powertrain also features electronically-controlled torque vectoring while Mitsubishi brags about the onboard AI brain which can read changes in road and traffic conditions as well as interpreting the driver’s intent.

While many fans will be upset to see their favorite rally car-inspired performance model morphing into an electric SUV, the e-Evolution displays perfectly Mitsubishi’s new brand strategy under the supervision of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

We still don’t know any technical details but we’re just a few hours away from Mitsubishi revealing it all so stay tuned.

H/T to Niko from Wheelsage!




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