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Tesla Model 3 Hits Craigslist For $150,000

Customers who reserve a Tesla Model 3 are stuck facing a waiting list of between 12 and 18 months and potentially even longer.

If you're impatient and have money to burn, you'll be happy to know a Model 3 has just surfaced on Craigslist.

Located in Santa Cruz, California, the vehicle is being billed as the first Model 3 to hit the second-hand market. The seller admits they were "not really sure how to price the car" but listed the vehicle for $150,000 because of the "obvious demand."

That's a significant chunk of change but the car comes equipped with desirable options such as a panoramic glass roof and a long-range battery. Other niceties include a premium audio system, aero wheels, and the premium interior package which includes heated seats, open pore wood trim, and two additional USB charging ports.

The vehicle is described as being in "like new" condition and has just 2,100 miles on the odometer. The seller also says the fit and finish are "excellent for an early production model."

Unfortunately, the seller has already claimed the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit so if you're interested in the model, you're going to have to pay in full - assuming everything is legit in the first place.

H/T to Electrek

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