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Toyota Land Cruiser Curiously Pushes Flaming Car Away From Gas Station

If you were to see a car engulfed in flames just feet from the pumps at a gas station, what would you do?

Most of us would leave the area as quickly as possible, fearing a possible explosion. However, the following Toyota Land Cruiser driver did exactly the opposite, actually smashing into the flaming car at the risk of his own ride catching fire.

The clip was reportedly filmed in Saudi Arabia and it shows the Land Cruiser crashing into and pushing the flaming car, presumably in an attempt to push it away from the gas pumps. It seems to work but it then appears as if the Land Cruiser itself has burst into flames.

Before long, the Toyota driver slams the SUV into reverse and pulls away with just a front tire on fire. The driver then speeds away from the scene, ripping a handbrake turn in the process before the clip cuts out.

It’s impossible to know why the Land Cruiser driver did what he did. However, it goes without saying that it was extremely dangerous and not something we’d recommend anyone tries to mimic.




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