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If you love Formula 1 and you're a soccer (football) fan as well, you might enjoy these renderings.

On one hand, you've got the pinnacle of motorsport in Formula One, and then the Premier League, arguably the strongest and most competitive soccer league in the world.

This match made in heaven comes courtesy of Sean Bull Design, the man behind F1 liveries such as Red Bull Porsche, McLaren-Alpine and many, many others.

These liveries really do represent an excellent interpretation of each of the Premier League's 20 teams in terms of colors, sponsors and even fonts.
A really nice touch was to have each team's best player on the cars, where for example the Arsenal livery in the image above has ALX on the side of the rear wing, which is short of star winger Alexis Sanchez.

Other notable team-player associations would be Chelsea (MOR) for Alvaro Morata, Leicester City (VAR) for Jamie Vardy, Liverpool (STU) for Daniel Sturridge, Manchester City (AGU) for Sergio Aguero, Manchester United (POG) for Paul Pogba and Tottenham (DEL) for Dele Alli. Although, the way things are going right now, we reckon Tottenham fans are more excited about Harry Kane than Alli, whereas Liverpool fans would probably go with Coutinho or Firmino rather than Sturridge.

Which one is your favorite?


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