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BMW M2 Competition Production Could Start In July 2018

BMW has yet to unveil the M2 Competition, while reports indicate production of the model will commence next summer, potentially at the start of July 2018, BMW Blog asserts.

Unlike most ‘Competition’ branded models from BMW’s M division, the M2 Competition won’t sit alongside the regular M2 in the model range. Instead, BMW will phase out the existing model, making the M2 Competition the only available model.

The reasoning for this unknown, but it’s likely that BMW thinks it can achieve higher profit margins with the M2 Competition, therefore making the standard car somewhat redundant.

Additionally, if the rumors about the Competition model prove to be accurate, it wouldn’t make much sense for an owner to purchase the entry-level model, unless it was significantly cheaper.

It is our understanding that the key development for the M2 Competition will be its adoption of the twin-turbo S55 six-cylinder engine from the M3 and M4. Sitting in place of the single-turbo 3.0-liter N55 of the M2, this engine will be tuned to produce roughly 400 hp.




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