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Daimler Plugs In A New Electric School Bus, Production Starts In 2019

Daimler is among many automakers committed to making the future of motoring emissions free, and an electric school bus is part of that plan.

Developed under their North American subsidiary Thomas Built Buses, a company founded in 1916 that's known worldwide for its yellow school buses made for films and television, it's called the 'Saf-T-Liner C2', or 'Jouley'.

"During the development of the Saf-T-Liner C2 Electric Bus Thomas Built Buses was able to draw upon Daimler’s electric technology resources", Daimler explained, adding that Thomas Built Busses holds a market share of 38.7 percent.

The German automotive giant says that it can take 81 kids to school "safely, quietly, and emission-free", and that it has a 160kWh battery as standard that provides a total driving range of up to 99 miles (160km). Additionally, more battery packs can be fitted as optional extras, thus increasing its zero-emission range, but Daimler has remained tight-lipped about additional details.

Still, the Jouley school bus will hit the assembly lines in 2019, so expect to see one in your neighborhood, nationwide, in the coming years.




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