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Facelifted Lamborghini Huracan May Get Four-Wheel Steering

A facelifted Lamborghini Huracan is said to be just around the corner and beyond receiving a refreshed design, it could launch with a host of new technologies.

Car and Driver reports that the updated Huracan may adopt the same rear-wheel steering system as the Aventador S to improve the vehicle’s low-speed ability and high-speed stability. However, sources within Lamborghini assert that there is still debate among executives whether or not implementing such a system in the entry-level Huracan is financially viable.

Beyond a potential four-wheel steering system, the Italian marque may also implement a 48-volt electrical subsystem, just like the Audi SQ7 and Bentley Bentayga. This system could see the Huracan using adaptive anti-roll bars with small electric motors or Audi’s electric rotary dampers.

Inevitably, Lamborghini engineers will also get hard to work at extracting even more power out of the 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 engine. A figure around the 650 hp mark doesn’t seem out of the question.

Just like the Gallardo, the facelifted Huracan will spawn a multitude of different variations, including a droptop and a rear-wheel drive Superleggera.




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