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Jaguar's Biggest Customer Just Ordered 30 XF Sportbrakes

We have to hand it to Jaguar for building the XF Sportbrake. Even as demand for conventional wagons wanes, it saw the case for extending the roof on its mid-size sedan.

Now no such decision could ever be vindicated by a single order, but this latest couldn't hurt: one company just ordered 30 of the Jaguar wagons all at once.

The customer is Portfolio Cars, which intends to use the Sportbrakes to shuttle VIPs around London's Heathrow Airport. What's more is that this isn't the first time it's ordered multiple Jags all at once.

Back in 2015, Portfolio took delivery of eighteen XF sedans and two XJs to replace their fleet of Benzes. Late last year, it ordered another eight XJs and 38 XF sedans, with another ten XFs earlier this year. Tallied with the new order, that comes to 106 Jaguars from just this one customer, which makes Portfolio's the largest fleet of Jaguars in the world.

“The XF Sportbrake is the epitome of understated luxury and style, packed full of innovative features and a really flexible and spacious cabin,” explained Portfolio chairman Peter Buchanan. “Our highly valued clients expect a quiet and comfortable journey, and XF Sportbrake was an irresistible proposition for us. This is the next step in our excellent partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, and we look forward to building our fleet further with them in the future.”

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