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VW To Use Quantum Computing With Google

Volkswagen will partner with Google to develop new vehicle technologies on advanced quantum computers.

Bloomberg reports that the German car manufacturer will use quantum computing to simulate the structure of electric vehicle batteries, develop artificial intelligence for autonomous driving, and refine traffic-management systems.

In a statement, VW’s chief information officer Martin Hofman said the company wants to be the first to the market with new digital features for its cars.

“Quantum computer technology opens new dimensions for us. We from Volkswagen want to be among the first to use quantum computing as a company as soon as this technology is commercially available.”

As part of the tie-up between the two firms, Google will provide VW with access to devices that process information by using the principals of quantum mechanics. Before reaching an agreement with Google, Volkswagen used quantum computing in March to optimize traffic for 10,000 taxis in Beijing.

“We’re looking forward to explore together how quantum computing could change and bring forward the automobile industry,” development head at Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Hartmut Neven said.




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