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2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Won't Spawn A Shooting Brake, But What If It Did?

Whenever an important car gets a new version, renderings of all shapes and sizes start to pop up almost immediately. For the all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS, perhaps no one is more relevant than the one that turns it into a sleek Estate, or Shooting Brake as Mercedes preferred to call the 2nd-generation model.

We imagine it didn't take X-Tomi too long to turn this 4-door CLS into something more family-friendly. As you can see, the rear end is the only thing that's different, and if it wasn't for the curved roof, you probably wouldn't know whether this was a regular wagon or a Shooting Brake.

Either way, even if you like the latter as a body style, the German automaker won't be doubling down on it with the CLS, which is said to remain strictly a saloon four-door coupe.

Owners of the 2nd-gen CLS Shooting Brake considering a trade-in are, therefore, left with the E-Class Estate, which certainly packs its fair share of advantages over the old CLS but is less exclusive, if they want to remain loyal to the brand. Unless, of course, they are willing to change, in which case they have a fair share of midsize premium estates to chose from.



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