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Special Toyota Supra Matte Storm Gray Limited To 24 Units In Japan

Japan, New Cars, Toyota, Toyota Supra
Not only will the Japanese market be the first to receive the various TRD Performance Parts for the 2020 Toyota GR Supra but enthusiasts in the Land of the Rising Sun will also have the chance to own a special version of the Supra limited to just 24 units globally.

The Supra models in question will be painted in a special Matte Storm Gray Metallic paint available exclusively on the Japanese RZ trim Supra.

During a recent festival celebrating the launch of the new Supra in Japan, Gazoo Racing company president Shigeki Tomoyama said this is the first time Toyota has sold a vehicle with a matte paint finish, presumably excluding the one-off Supra painted in Phantom Grey which was auctioned off earlier this year.

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As production of the Matte Storm Gray Metallic 2020 Supras will be limited to just 24 examples, the Japanese car manufacturer will hold a lottery for those interested in buying one. The winners will be announced during the Nurburgring 24 Hour race set to be held in one month.

The aforementioned TRD Performance Parts recently announced for the new Supra overhaul the exterior of the sports car. These parts include a carbon fiber front splitter, sharpened side skirts, carbon fiber components on the doors, carbon add-ons for the rear diffuser and a mean carbon fiber trunklid lip spoiler. To our eyes, these alterations make the car look far more purposeful than the standard model and we’re hopeful that they will be introduced into markets outside of Japan.
Japan, New Cars, Toyota, Toyota Supra



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