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Australian Police Put The Kia Stinger On Patrol

Law enforcement officials tend to take a different view of the world than the rest of us.

Where most of us see the opportunity for a good time, police see the possibility of danger. That's their job. And the same goes, we might surmise, for performance sedans.

What civilians may see as a fun mode of daily transportation, the Law might see as a potential patrol car. Like the new Kia Stinger, for example.

With four doors and rear-wheel drive, the Stinger has all the makings of a good pursuit vehicle. That point wasn't lost on the Queensland police department down in Australia, which has already adapted the Korean sports sedan just for that purpose.

Shared on Facebook by Downshift and brought to our attention by The Drive, this Stinger has apparently been upgraded with checkerboard livery, flashing lights, and (we're sure) all the other equipment that'd turn a “civilian” vehicle into a police cruiser.

It looks like just the thing, in short, for Australia's high-speed highways, especially now that the rear-drive, eight-cylinder Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon are things of the past.

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