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Three-Door Lamborghini Urus Won't Happen, But Does Have Its Appeal

Three-door SUVs have a long history, despite never being the most popular body style among utilitarian car buyers.

The likes of Suzuki, Toyota and of course Jeep, have had a lot of success with them, and more recently, we've seen people take to the three-door Range Rover Evoque rather well - the Coupe, not the Convertible.

So while it's unlikely anybody would spend $200,000 on an SUV that's missing its rear doors, a three-door Lamborghini Urus could still have a few takers, as long as they accept the car for what it is and forget about the "Utility Vehicle" part altogether.

Now, as you can see, this render by X-Tomi Design is looking to portray the Urus as something even more sporty, and you could argue that it actually works, given the SUV's already sloped roof line.

Of course, the likelihood that Lamborghini would ever build this car is somewhere between "fat chance" and "don't hold your breath", although finding out at some point that an Urus owner took his car to a garage and turned it into a real Coupe, wouldn't exactly come as a shock either.



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