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Is The Mitsubishi Mirage America's Worst New Car On Sale?

Small economy cars are almost never described as being fun but the Mitsubishi Mirage is probably one of the few new cars right now that don’t even know what fun means.

There’s a general blandness surrounding the small Mitsubishi while the obvious cost-cutting in places is really obvious and never lets you forget that this is one of the cheapest new cars in the market right now.

Of course these cars are used for commutes and nothing much more really and while the Mirage is more than capable of getting you safely to your destination, people who like cars will almost definitely prefer something a bit more interesting for their everyday travels.

Even the three-cylinder engine is laughably small and underpowered -by U.S. standards, mind you- measuring 1.2 liters in capacity and producing 78hp and 74lb-ft of torque. Opt for the CVT automatic transmission and then you’ll get the perfect car to make your petrolhead friends hate you eternally.

Want to know more about this fascinatingly cheap Mitsubishi? Let Doug DeMuro then give you a tour around the strongest contender for the title of USA’s worst new car right now.




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