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Tesla Model X Exceeds Towing Limit, Pulls Volvo Semi In The Snow

Despite some very slippery conditions, this Tesla Model X managed to pull a struggling Volvo semi truck up a hill in Raleigh, North Carolina.

One reason why it looks as though it's having a hard time is the snow. If the road was dry and there wasn't an incline, that Model X would have probably done a cleaner and better pull.

If you think it wouldn't, just remember that a Touareg V10 TDI once pulled a Boeing 747, and that a Cayenne S Diesel once towed a 285 tonne (628,317 lbs) Airbus A380.

On paper, the towing limit for the Model X is roughly 5,000 lbs (2,2 tonnes), but it's safe to assume that the all-electric SUV can easily exceed that number over short distances - especially when fitted with the correct weather tires to improve grip.

When asked how far the Tesla had to tow the semi, the person who posted the video stated that it was "up the whole hill," and confirmed that there "really wasn't much stress on the car at all." To be fair, the Volvo semi was doing its part to help itself, constantly searching for grip.




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