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Renault Twingo Red Night Edition Throws In Some Extra Flair

Need something small to get around town? The #Renault Twingo presents an intriguing proposition, what with its innovative rear-engine setup and unfathomable maneuverability. And now Renault has made the little city car more enticing with the launch of the Red Night edition.

The special edition adds a number of unique touches to give the Twingo a little added flair, which ought to prove a hit win the French market.

There’s stripes along the flank, for example, and special diamond-cut 16-inch wheels with red hubs. The interior is done up in mixed red and black fabric/leather upholstery, and black trim with red accents.

It also comes equipped with automatic climate control, rain and light sensors, rear parking assist, cornering fog lights, and R&G audio system – usually optional extras, but all bundled here as standard. And of course there are special badges both inside and out, as you might expect.

Buyers will be able to choose between three exterior colors and two engine options, with manual or dual-clutch transmissions, and even opt for the big canvas roof opening. For better or worse, though, this special edition is only available in France, where pricing starts at €14,900 (or about $18k in equivalent US dollars).

The Twingo, for those unfamiliar, is Renault’s version of the Smart Forfour, alongside with which it’s built in Slovenia. Now in its third iteration, the tiny hatchback launched in 2014, replacing the previous front-engined/three-door model with an innovative rear-engined/five-door setup. Of course, neither the Twingo nor the Forfour are available in North America, with or without the Red Night treatment. So if you like what you’re seeing, and can’t get one locally, you just might have to relocate overseas.



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