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This iconic late 80's Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 super saloon has just 6,000 miles (9,656 km) on the clock and is one of only 56 units delivered in white.

The insane production version of Ford's RWD rally car will be auctioned off at the NEC Classic Motor Show next month, and since a similar 1987 RS500 with twice the mileage was sold for £115,000 earlier this year, this low mileage example could go for even more.

"Very few of us have ever come across one of these in such a well-preserved state with such low mileage. The Sierra Cosworth RS500 is truly the car of the moment among collectors, and this is the best example I've ever seen," said Silverstone Auctions exec, Nick Whale.

This particular RS500 was discovered back in 2007 in a classic Ferrari car collection in Germany. It was later sold to a private Ford collector who put it in climate controlled storage where it remained until now.

What's particularly impressive about the car is the fact that it's still in original condition. That's rare these days, with most performance Fords from that era being subjected to major modifications.

It could very well be one of the best available RS500s in the world today.


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