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Just when we thought that the Nissan Juke couldn’t possibly get any funkier, in comes this set of CGIs that reveal one of the most bold designs of the subcompact SUV so far.

According to their creator, Adan Lopez, the images were "inspired by the different movements of water, after its calm is briefly perturbed by a Katana sword, from the most pronounced and almost angular waves to the most tense and calmed curves of its surface when it returns to its peace" - yes, we'll let you digest that.

What the artist is trying to say is that the current iteration's look was massaged with distinctive surfaces, while maintaining the things that made it famous, such as the specifically-shaped daytime running lights, the X-like front end, most of its profile, and the shape of the tailgate, up to a point.

While the Nissan Juke has slim chances of ever looking like this, the automaker is currently working on its second generation. It's believed to adopt some of the lines that currently define the latest Micra, while riding on the CMF-B platform, shared with both the brand's supermini, as well as the fourth-gen Clio.


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