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Apollo Automobili has just released a teaser image of its new hypercar, which could end up being one of the wildest models on the market.

The image, taken from the rear, reveals that the car, dubbed the IE, will have a curved rear wing and bulging rear arches that make the rear of the IE somewhat reminiscent of Jackson Storm from Cars 3. Apollo designers probably weren’t inspired by that fictional race car but even still, we can still see some similarities.

Beyond these design elements, the design of the IE also catches the eye thanks to the uniquely-shaped trio of tailpipes which appear to be titanium, based on their purple tinge.

Few other details about the IE are known, but the car will follow on from the Arrow concept that debuted at 2016’s Geneva Motor Show. Current word suggests that unlike the Arrow, which had a biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine, the IE will be powered by a stonking great V12, inevitably promising to deliver an absurd amount of power, just like vehicles from the firm's forebear, Gumpert.

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