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Swiss tuning company Dahler Design & Technik has come up with a tuning recipe for the new G31 generation BMW 5-Series Touring

The upgrades include a Level 1tune for the 540i, in both 2WD and xDrive AWD flavors, which raises output to 380PS (375hp) and 560Nm (413lb-ft) of torque, while Level 2 brings it to 400PS (394hp) and 580Nm (428lb-ft) of torque.

If you don't own a 540i Touring but are still interested in a extra muscle from Dahler, then you will have to wait a bit, because the tuner has further performance increases in development for the 520d, 530d, 535d, and 550d models.

A stainless steel exhaust systems with active sound, a sports suspension and 20-/21-inch rims that fill up the wheel arches have also been fitted to the car seen here, along with an individual speedometer with a display extension of up to 330km/h (205mph), and background illumination adjustment.

Dahler says additional aerodynamic components are also in the works, but they have yet to provide a launch date for them.


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