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A BMW M5 Cabriolet Would Make Little Sense, But A Cop Car Would

While a Touring version of the new generation BMW M5 would most certainly be well received by enthusiasts, the same cannot be said about a convertible.

This is a design exercise by Aksyonov Nikita and it shows us how the Bavarian super saloon would look like with a chopped roof, though evidently, the conversion is not exactly in its favor, especially since it retains a four-door layout.

The rendering artist noticed that, so he completed the set of CGIs with a range-topping version of the new BMW M5, which sports a special livery, and a giant boot-mounted wing, in addition to other visual changes. And if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the M5 German police car should, with its additional roof lights, and uniform.

In the meantime, the automaker is getting ready to launch the new BMW M5, as it will become available to order next month. Pricing starts at €117,900 ($140,861) in its local market, and this places it between the Mercedes-AMG E63 and E63 S, which can be had from €110,110 ($131,554), and €121,891 ($145,629), respectively.




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