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While this isn't the most brutal highway crash we've ever seen, it might just come with the silliest explanation.

Before we get into what the driver said, let's analyze the crash with our own eyes. For starters, the car begins drifting towards the first lane around the 2-second mark. At the 7-second mark, the driver tries to avoid the impact, but by that point it's too late.

As for the driver's explanation to what happened, here it is: "I was going about 120 km/h with my windows down, when a piece of paper flew up from the back seat around my face. I couldn't see for a few seconds."

He also states that there were no injuries and that he was alone at the time of the crash. Now, while all that is well and good, you'd think it would take somebody a lot less than 5 seconds to remove a piece of paper from their face.

In fact, you'd think that once something like that happens, you'd be desperately trying to make sure you can see where you're going, or at least instinctively slow down the car once you notice that your sight has gone.

Note: Mind the colorful language at the end


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