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Aston Martin’s move to present a V8 option in the DB11’s range may seem like the usual addition of an entry-level model but there’s nothing entry-level about the way the new DB11 V8 drives.

Ditching the V12 for the AMG-sourced twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 means that the new version of the DB11 is not only lighter by 115kg but also offers a redistributed front-to-rear balance towards the center of the car.

Add the fact that Aston Martin has retuned the DB11’s suspension and steering to make it sharper and more involving and is no wonder why this version makes a better case as a driver’s car as we find out in Autocar’s latest review.

And while on paper the two variations of the DB11 are being separated by almost 100hp, their torque figures are almost identical, with the V8 offering just 18lb-ft less than the V12. Combine this with the V8’s smaller weight and the newcomer offers more torque per tonne, making it feel almost as fast as the big V12 version.

And then there’s the price: in the UK, the new Aston Martin DB11 V8 costs just £13,000 ($17,400) less than the V12, which is a little too close for comfort for a high-performance car of this calibre; however and in other countries like China, which has a stricter tax regime, the DB11 V8 is a whopping £70,000 ($94k in current exchange rates) cheaper than its V12 sibling.

Less is more? It appears so.


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