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Angry Man Charged After Riding On School Bus

A 68-year-old man from Nottingham, Maryland is facing a host of charges after riding on the front of a moving school bus.

The whole saga began at approximately 3:15 pm last Thursday when Ardin Doran claims that someone threw a bottle, possibly from the bus, at his vehicle on the side of the street. Infuriated, Doran thought it was prudent to try and enter the bus but the driver refused to open the door.

Not dissuaded, Doran jumped on the front of the bus, banged his fist on the hood and yelled ‘Open the door!’ Still refusing to open up, the bus driver began to slowly drive towards a local police station. Shortly after starting the journey with the uninvited guest on the hood, an off-duty police officer saw what was happening and detained Doran.

WBAL TV 11 reports that the man is now facing several charges, including disorderly conduct and destruction of property.




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