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It appears as if General Motors is working on an all-electric two-door sports car to launch by the year 2023.

Last week, the American automaker released a teaser image previewing some of the 20 battery-electric cars it will release by 2023. GM Authority noticed that this teaser showed a low-slung two-door covered by a sheet, indicating that not all of GM’s EVs will cater for the masses.

It is difficult to ascertain specific design features about the coupe but it appears to have a relatively short wheelbase, a long hood, a low roof, bulging wheel arches, a sharkfin antenna and a prominent rear spoiler.

It is possible that the car depicted is an electrified version of the Chevrolet Camaro but to our eyes, it looks slightly smaller than the muscle car and could even be something that’s set to receive a Cadillac badge.

Whatever GM has in store, it is obvious that it won’t completely eliminate enthusiast-oriented cars as part of its EV expansion.


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