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Lexus LS+ Concept Previews Revised Styling Language

As Lexus pushes forward with the development of autonomous technologies, it has just unveiled the LS+ Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The vehicle provides a look at the next-generation LS and adopts the firm’s next-generation design philosophy. It, therefore, retains the brand’s familiar Spindle Grille and combines it with a set of new cooling and aerodynamic intakes, partly laser-lit headlights and taillights and small cameras rather than traditional wing mirrors.

Technology wise, the Lexus LS+ Concept features ‘Highway Teammate’, a system that promises to provide autonomous driving from a highway entrance ramp through to the exit ramp. Set to be introduced in 2020, the system can also offer automated merging and lane changes while retaining a safe distance to the vehicle in front.

It doesn’t appear as though Lexus has designed an interior for the concept or even thought about its powertrain. Nevertheless, one particularly interesting element we’ve noticed is that the huge Spindle Grille can actually open and close depending on driving and environmental conditions.




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