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Much Like Nissan, Subaru Admits To Improper Inspections In Japan

Subaru has apparently failed to follow proper procedures during inspections conducted on vehicles destined for the domestic market for more than 30 years.

This report comes after a similar issue with Nissan, who recalled 1.2 million vehicles, including all passenger cars produced for Japan over the past three years, while suspending production at all Japanese plants.

According to Subaru, they have allowed uncertified technicians to conduct final inspections on new vehicles, thus violating requirements set by Japan's transport ministry. The automaker is now considering recalling around 255,000 cars, reports Autonews.

"The final inspection process is very important and we acknowledge that we did not meet requirements," said the automaker's CEO, Yasuyuki Yoshinaga during a news conference. "We used the same process for more than 30 years without realizing that it did not meet ministry requirements."

The transport ministry was the one who instructed all domestic automakers to conduct internal investigations after Nissan's revelations came out last month. There's also an end-of-October deadline for the automakers in which they need to have their results submitted.

Both Toyota and Honda have reported that they have not found any issues with their respective inspections.



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