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Widebody Kit And Huge Alloys Make The Challenger SRT Look Even More Macho

We have nothing against the stock alloys with which Dodge fits its Challenger, in all its various iterations. But a vehicle with that much presence on the street is just begging for a wheel swap.

That's just what Forgiato did to this silver example, fitting it with a set of its forged Appuntito-ECL rims in silver with cobalt-blue trim.

The deep-dish alloys do an excellent job of showcasing the SRT's big vented Brembo brakes with their red calipers and are coated in a thin layer of Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber. While we can't quite make out just how big these particular units are, they come in sizes ranging from 19 inches all the way up to 26 – and they look a fair bit bigger than the stock 20-inchers.

Now, this appears to be a “regular” Challenger SRT, which comes standard these days with 485 horsepower – not the 707-horse Hellcat or the 840-hp Demon. But it certainly looks the business thanks to the aftermarket widebody kit it's wearing, which is perfect for keeping those big rollers inside the fenders.

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