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Need For Speed Payback Gets Movie-Like Story Trailer

In this latest installment of the Need for Speed franchise, racing isn't going to be just about the competition, but also about a character-driven story that should appeal to at least some of the fans.

Let's face it, if all you want to do is upgrade your cars and finish ahead of the pack simply for sport, there are plenty of other titles out there who offer you just that, pure racing thrills.

Need for Speed Payback is looking to be a little different this year, placing you in the underground world of Fortune Valley where you and your crew are looking for vengeance against the bad guys. Very Fast and Furious.

This is just the latest trailer we've seen for NFS: Payback, a game that will feature a Forza Horizon-like open world, where gamers will have the opportunity to race through downtown areas, as well as mountains and desert settings.

Electronic Arts is planning on releasing the game on November 10th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.




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