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Ford Charges $30,000 To Paint 2017 GT In Any Color

Ford only offers the 2017 GT supercar in eight standard paint options but as we’ve learned, there are a number of GTs already on the roads that have custom paint schemes.

As it turns out, the automaker will paint the supercar in any color the owner wants, as long as they’re willing to part with $30,000, Ford Authority reports.

For a paint color, that’s a lot of money. However, it isn’t unique in the industry with some custom paint options out there even stretching towards the six-figure mark, like this shade of green from Porsche.

In August, a green Ford GT with black racing stripes was delivered alongside a ‘Beryllium Orange’ GT by Arkansas dealer Elite Autos LLC. That Orange GT actually sampled its color from the infamous Saleen S7. We’ve also seen Ford deliver a Riviera Blue GT from the Porsche palette and just a couple of days ago, another GT, this time painted Verde Mantis, a bright shade of green from Lamborghini.




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