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In production since 2012, the fourth generation Renault Clio will be replaced by an entirely new car, which is expected on the market in two years' time.

Citing the brand's Europe Executive VP and Chairman, Jean-Christophe Kugler, Autocar says that the supermini will benefit from electrification, without saying what engine(s) will get an electric motor working in conjunction with the internal combustion unit.

Nevertheless, previous reports said that an electrified Clio has a good chance to use the hybrid technology from the new Scenic, but it won't apparently add the full-blown PHEV, as making this step will affect its price furthermore.

Additionally, the 2020 Renault Clio will also adopt Level 2 autonomous driving, which will allow it to take care of the brakes, throttle, and steering on its own. Unlike the Level 3 system that equips the new Audi A8, drivers will have to focus on the road the entire time, but still, it should come in quite handy in congested traffic.

Besides going 'green' and coming with self-driving tech, the B-segment vehicle will also get some cutting-edge connectivity features, a more premium interior, and a portrait-oriented infotainment system, while on the outside, it's believed to use a Megane-inspired C-shaped lighting signature at the front.

Most of the current engine lineup is expected to be maintained, although some will be updated, and one unit that seems certain to live on is the 1.5-liter dCi diesel, shared with Nissan and the entire Dacia family.

There's no exact date when the next-gen Renault Clio will debut, but it's likely that it will arrive on the market in 2019.

Note: Current fourth-gen Renault Clio pictured


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