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Better list the Segway, because Yamaha is getting in on the game.

Not the least of the Japanese manufacturer's show pieces in Tokyo this year is the Tritown: a three-wheeled mobility scooter that looks like a kid's toy from the future.

Adopting the same Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology as the MWC-4 and Niken, the Tritown features a skeleton-style naked frame that draws its inspiration from natural sources like a fish skeleton and a bird's wings.

The result is a form not only more compact and lightweight than other stand-up scooters, but arguably more beautiful as well. The whole thing measures less than four feet long and tall, with a hub motor in the rear wheel to provide momentum.

Like the Toyota Concept-i Walk unveiled at the same show, the Yamaha Tritown is strictly a concept for the time being. But if we found ourselves sucked onto the gaming grid inside our computers, finding one of these puppies to ride would probably be the least surprising part.

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