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VW Virtus Teased Before January Debut

A sketch of the upcoming VW Virtus has just emerged online alongside a report that the new four-door will be launched in Brazil in January 2018.

If the sketch is legitimate, it all but confirms that leaked images of the sedan were in fact legitimate. Those images, as well as this sketch, confirm that the Virtus will adopt a recognizable VW design with a front fascia almost identical to the Polo on which the sedan is based.

Like the Polo, the Virtus will be based on the company’s MQB-A0 platform but have its wheelbase stretched by roughly 5 inches. Unlike the Polo, however, the Virtus won’t be sold with a 1.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine and instead, the base version will be powered by a 1.6-liter MSI delivering 117 hp.

The VW Virtus will be sold exclusively in South America.




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