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There was a time when Skoda used to sell coupes too, but that was long before the Volkswagen era.

Now, the Czech automaker keeps its lineup as simple as possible, while recently going after the booming SUV segment(s) with the Kodiaq, and its smaller sibling, the Karoq, while promising to offer electrified models too, in the coming years.

However, despite Skoda's future looking all SUV-ish and green-ish, a rendering artist that goes by the name of Laszlo Nemeth, decided to transform the Superb into a rather stylish two-door coupe.

Changes applied to the company's flagship saloon are minimal, as they include the extended front doors, and that's pretty much it.

Now, it's pretty clear that we won't see a Skoda Superb Coupe, given the automaker's positioning within the Volkswagen Group as a more affordable brand, but this design would work quite nicely. The only problem is that it could cannibalize the Audi A5 Coupe, and that it needs a proper challenger, such as a two-door Ford Mondeo.


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