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$1.4 Million Koenigsegg CCX Is A Performance Bargain

If you want a new production car with over 800 hp that’s capable of reaching a top speed in excess of 240 mph (386 km/h), you either have to spend well over $3 million to get a custom Koenigsegg or Bugatti Chiron.

Alternatively, you could get this, a Koenigsegg CCX from 2008 with performance that still comfortably exceeds almost any other hypercar on the market. Priced from $1.4 million and currently for sale in California from iLusso, it is a relative bargain. But, there are a few caveats.

For starters, the CCX was the Swedish brand’s first successful production car and isn’t quite as refined as current ‘Eggs. Additionally, it’s twin-turbocharged aluminum V8 ‘only’ produces 806 hp (nothing compared to today’s 1,500 hp monsters), and the car was never federalized for use on U.S. roads, unlike the Agera RS.

Despite these shortcomings, the car appears to be in excellent condition. In fact, it has covered just 563 miles (964 km) in the last nine years and both the interior and exterior seem to be in immaculate condition.

Alongside being faster and less expensive than any recent hybrid hypercars, this CCX is also quite ‘affordable’ compared to other ‘Eggs in the U.S., including the CCXR Trevita formerly owned by Floyd Mayweather that recently changed hands for $2.6 million at auction.




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