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1914 Peugeot L45 Grand Prix Two-Seater Sells For $7.26 Million

A hugely significant 1914 Peugeot L45 Grand Prix Two-Seater has sold for $7.26 million at a recent Bonhams Auction event in Los Angeles.

For much of the last century, it was thought that this iconic Peugeot was driven by Dario Resta to victory at the 1916 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. However, it was recently confirmed that it was instead driven by Ralph Mulford at the 1916 event and finished third.

Throughout much of the early 1900’s, French carmakers dominated the motorsport scene and in 1913, Jules Goux claimed victory at the Indianapolis endurance race in a similar car.

Interestingly, this L45 Grand Prix Two-Seater raced with a 3.0-liter engine in 1916 but was soon fitted with a 4.5-liter four-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, and 112 hp at 2,800 rpm. The car also includes mechanical drum brakes at all four corners, semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension and live front and rear axles.

A key contributor in the vehicle’s auction price is that it is chassis no.1 and features engine no.1.




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