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Emirates Taps Jeremy Clarkson To Promote S-Class Inspired First Class Cabins

Flying can be a stressful experience so Emirates Airline has enlisted the help of Mercedes-Benz to create a relaxing first class cabin which draws inspiration from the S-Class.

According to Mercedes, the partnership began in 2014 when teams from both companies meet each other in England and discussed the latest design trends and innovations. The aircraft interior designers were particularly impressed with the new S-Class and decided to incorporate some of its ideas and features into the first class cabins of its Boeing 777 fleet.

The end result has been designed to set "new standards in the aviation industry in terms of luxury and comfort." As part of this initiative, Emirates offers a fully enclosed first class suite which is spacious and offers unrivaled levels of privacy. Mercedes says the materials, workmanship, and controls were all inspired by the S-Class and they build on other innovations such as virtual windows and reclining zero-gravity seats.

As part of the partnership, passengers who are flying in the new first class cabins can be chauffeured to and from the Dubai airport in an S-Class.

In a statement, Emirates Airline President Sir Tim Clark said "We are extremely delighted with our new suite, which offers unprecedented levels of privacy, comfort and luxury. Our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz brings together two global brands, both of which stand for innovation, quality, luxury and comfort."


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